The winner of this competition was Matoro1. The competition has now closed.

Matthew Flash Comp

What to doEdit

  • When you are submitting a MOC, post it on the talk page.
  • Make sure that you either post an image or a link to an image.
  • Ensure that the links aren't broken.
  • Please guys, only one entry per user.
01 Matthew Flash Contest M1

Winner of the competition by Matoro1

What to includeEdit

  • Your MOC must have what all Heroes have, the Hero Core and appropriate armor for a Hero.
  • Only use NORMAL Bionicle or Hero Factory pieces, no other pieces.
  • You may use Bionicle Masks or Helmets.
  • You may include Jetpacks and any other equipment.


  • You may only vote ONCE and you must sign in.
  • Voting will start March 11 and end April 10.

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