"What is your name? Oh, I know... 'bait!'"
— Witch Doctor initially meeting Rocka
Comic 6: Savage Planet
Comic Information
Outside/Alt TitleSavage Planet
Author* Story: Sean Catherine Derek
  • Script: Greg Farshtey
IllustratorElmer Damaso

Savage Planet is the first comic in the 3.0 series.


Rocka in his 2.0 form was en route to Quatros to answer the distress call of former Hero Factory employee Aldous Witch. The former professor was said to have crash landed there, but no one was supposed to be able to get to Quatros as it was one of the last supplies of Quaza, and now a nature reserve. Rocka discovers a crashed ship and calls for the professor but is shocked to find a large being that merely describes him as bait.

Heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Julius Nex, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer discovered that Rocka was missing on Quatros. Furno found it amusing that the Hero had become lost on "Paradise Planet." Stormer revealed that Quatros was a Techno Organic Planet where the Quaza had effected the plants and animals there. The Heroes were upgraded to Hero 3.0s to be able to survive on the planet.

The Heroes departed to the planet, but were surprised to see that the shields around it had been deactivated. Only someone with the Hero Factory codes could do that, codes that Aldous Witch had access too. The planet had evolved as the Quaza must have been mined once more. Stormer reveals that Aldous was obsessed with the Quaza and that the Hero had stopped the professor from giving himself a Quaza Core. Nex had a fix on Rocka so the Heroes depart.

The Heroes find Rocka badly injured. He reveals to the Heroes that being by the name of Witch Doctor had attacked him. The Heroes assumed he meant Aldous and weren't surprised to see that they were correct. Furno attempted to attack the villain, but was stopped by roots that were under the Witch Doctor's control. Furno attempts to attack the villain again, but is surprised when the Witch Doctor moves before he has the chance to get him. The Witch Doctor reveals that he wanted the Heroes to come so that he could use their Hero Craft to escape. The Heroes recover an injured Furno while the Witch Doctor once again disappears. The Heroes attempt to return to Stormer and Bulk to warn them, but are attacked by a Waspix, Raw-Jaw and Fangz.



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