Black Phantom
Black Phantom
Biographical Information
ColorsBlack, Dark red, Lime
GadgetsRazor Mace, Arachnix drone

Black Phantom is the main antagonist of the Breakout storyline.


At an unknown point in time Black Phantom allies with an unknown villain and Voltix, and planned the Mass-Breakout in Hero Factory. When Voltix had done his part of the job Black Phantom entered the Factory through a passage opened by Voltix. After he believed all the Heroes to be gone he went into Mission Control and held all personel hostage. Before anything else could happen he discovered that Rocka had stayed behind in the Factory, and sent his Arachnix after him. He then explained his plan to use the plans of the Factory to create his own army then destroy the Factory so there wouln't be any opposition. Professor Nathaniel Zib stated that the quaza in the assembly process would recongnize his villainy. He then shot a bolt of energy of Anti-Quaza from his chest and disabled all employies saying that he alreay had a solution to that. He eventually went into the Assembly Tower to destroy the facility, but was stopped by Rocka and the rest of Alpha Team. He is currently imprisonned.


Gadgets and WeaponsEdit

The Black Phantom holds a razor-mace staff with a blade at the bottom. He also has a pet Arachnix.


Little is known about the Black Phantom's personality at this point in time.

Set InformationEdit

  • Black Phantom was released in Winter 2012.
  • Black Phantom is set number 6203.
  • Black Phantom comes with 500 Hero Factory Game points.
  • Black Phantom's set contains 124 pieces.

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