Assembly Tower

The Assembly Tower in Makuhero City

The Assembly Tower (Hero Factory) is where Heroes are made.


The Factory designs, builds and dispatches robot heroes to fight villains, solve crises and restore peace across the universe The Factory is situated in the amazing Makuhero City, a modern, sprawling metropolis with a rich multitude of neighborhoods, and home to millions of living robots. The Factory is the trademark of Makuhero City and is regarded throughout the universe as a symbol of safety. Standing well over 500 meters, the building is both aesthetically and technically a marvelous piece of architecture.

Furno in the Refitting Room

Furno being constructed in the Assembly Tower

In order to create so many heroes at once, the tower probably has a large underground workshop. Sid Asimo, the longest employee of HF, works in the engine room which is used to build basic hero skeletal structures and armor. Interestingly enough, the tower is not just used for answering calls or training young heroes. In the lobby of this giant building rests a radio station known as Hero Factory FM which is a show used to spread the good word of Hero Factory to other clusters in the galaxy.

Different views of the Tower


  • Height: 589 meters
  • Width (at the base): 715 meters
  • Length (at the base): 924 meters
  • Power source: Cold fusion
  • Number of employees: 11,127


  • The Assembly Tower is also called Hero Factory.

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