2012 is the third year of Hero Factory. It has two waves of the breakout series, each wave including different heroes and villians. Black Phantom is the main antagonist, and all the other villians are captives that were realesed. The series will include a new upgrade and some of the heroes will be taller.
Black Phantom Breakout PRE

Black Phantom, the main Villain of Winter 2012

Year's Information Edit

Recently, it occurred that the Black Phantom had reached the Hero Factory Maximum Security Prison and successfully freed all of its captives. This included the Fire Lord, the Witch Doctor, Corroder, Thunder, XPlode, Meltdown, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Drilldozer, Jawblade, Toxic Reapa, Thornraxx, Splitface and countless other Villains to escape. There were also several clones of the Villains noted above. Now, the Hero Factory has been tasked with cuffing all of the Villains, who are under the command of the Black Phantom. All the heroes are modified to extremely advanced 4.0 forms, which include a new core and chest piece, guns and advanced armour.They all have different armour and wepons for all the different locations and environments that they battle the Villains in.

Sets ReleasedEdit

December 2011Edit



Other CharactersEdit

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